Be Involved

Dear Member,

BUET Alumni is an organization with immense potential and possibilities. These will remain unreachable and unrealized without the support and participation of the alumni at large.    

We would welcome your active participation in the affairs of BUET Alumni. If you are willing to contribute your talent and time to some of its activities, please let us know of your preferred area of interest.  You may write to us about how you could add value to the organization’s programs and activities. You may also indicate your interest in the lower part of this page by ticking the field(s) of your choice mentioned below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Dr. Sadiq Bhuiyan

Secretary General





Name:  ______________________________________  Life Membership Number: _______________

Mobile Phone: ________________________________

I wish to be involved as a volunteer in the following areas of BUET Alumni activities.

  • Cultural activities
    • As an artist
    • In organizing events
  • Become a donor
    • As a sponsor of students’ scholarship, travel support for their participation in international competition, etc.
    • As a donor of fund for medical treatment of seriously ill resource-poor alumni/students
    • Other purpose (specify)  ____________________________________________________  
  • Fund raising for special projects
  • Membership campaign
  • Annual publications
    • As writer in annual publication
    • Member of editorial team  
  • Newsletter publication
    • As news reporter
    • As member of editorial team
  • Website management: Write statements on events for website
  • Others (specify) ____________________________

Write a few words about yourself and about your above-chosen area(s) of involvement (max. 50 words):