Major national level seminars/workshops by BUET Alumni since its inception

Major national level seminars/workshops by Buet Alumni since its inception:
1. Seminar: Academia Industry linkage for education and research developent in BUET: Views from the private sector. Oct 2007.
2. Workshop: Energy for development: prospects and limitations. Aug 2008.
3. Workshop: Strategic Trnasport Plan for making Dhaka a livable city. Oct 2008.
4. Workshop: Prospects of nuclear energy in Bangladesh. April 2009.
5. Seminar: Creating an Arsenic-safe Environment in Bangladesh. November 2010
6. Seminar: Progress toward creating an arsenic safe environment in Bangladesh. Nov 2010..
7. Workshop: Light electrical industry in Bangladesh: What’s holding it fom taking off? July 2010.
8. Seminar: Earthquake: Bangladesh’s vulnerability and preparedness for averting disaster. June 2011
9. Seminar: Green habitat: Challeges of green architecture in the local and global context. Sep 2012.
10. Seminar: Saving the rivers and water bodies around Dhaka City. Sep 2013.
11. Seminar: Traffic and transportation problems of megacity Dhaka: The crippling state and way out. June 2014.
12. Seminar & Exhibition: Creating an Urban Oasis in Dhaka City: Next step from the outcome of students’ design competition. October 2015
13. Seminar: Energy, environment and sustaiable development: Startegic options for Bangladesh. May 2016.
14. Workshop: নদà§Â€à¦° দà§Âà¦·à¦£ মà§Âà¦Â•à§Âà¦¤ পানন à¦Âšà¦¾à¦Â†à¦Âƒ à¦Â„রà§Âà¦Âœà¦¨à¦¨à¦° à¦Â‰à¦ªà¦¾à§ÂŸ à¦Âà¦¬à¦Â‚ à¦Â…শà§Â à¦Â•à¦°à¦¨à§Â€à§ÂŸà¥¤ May 2017
15. Webinar: Strengthening Safeguards Against the Covid-19 Pandemic”. December 2020
16. Webinar: Detail Area Plan (DAP 2016-35) for Dhaka City. October 2020
17. Webinar: Global Symposium: Remembering JRC. 30 May 2020
18. Webinar: Living with Covid-19: Issues, Challenges, and the Way Forward. February 2021
19. Webinar: Air pollution in Bangladesh is a national crisis: Actions on war footing are a crying need. March 2021

Other topics considered for national level seminar or workshop:
(i) Making Dhaka a livable city
(ii) Unabated pollution of rivers: Why are we failing to protect our national lifeline?
(iii) Harnessing the waterways around the city – an opportunity for easing traffic congestions that must not be neglected
(iv) The DAP for Dhaka City must be allowed to function strictly – failure will tantamount to ruining City’s future
(v) Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100
(vi) Arsenic in drinking water - ignoring a ticking time bomb
(vii) River dredging: Flawed practices do more harm than good
(viii) Impact of India’s Brahmaputra river interlinking project on Bangladesh
(ix) The crippling traffic problem of Dhaka City: Emergency measures on war footing are needed to avoid disastrous consequences
(x) Greening of Dhaka City: Prospects that are ignored